This Degree is awarded by the TOP QS World Ranked Private University in Malaysia.

The pathway into the Degree is a result of Memorandum of Agreement signed on 19th June 2020 between ICAN College and the UCSI University.

The early part of the B.Pham (Hons) curriculum focuses students on the fundamental knowledge in pharmacy as the foundation for later years. The curriculum is unique in that it starts off with integrated courses where four main disciplines in pharmacy are being taught for each body system studied. Students appreciate this mode of learning as it enhances their understanding. This will serve as a strong foundation later as they practice as pharmacists. Students in the programme experience various attachments to enhance their knowledge and skills in pharmacy.

The UCSI pharmacy programme trains students with creative and critical thinking, in addition to the research skills needed for their career advancement. The duration of the programme is 4 years.

The courses in the programme are arranged into four main disciplines within the Faculty as listed.

  • Physiology & Pharmacology
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Practice
Professional Recognition

The Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) programme is recognised by Malaysian Pharmacy Board (MPB).


Academically qualified candidates would be required to attend an interview for admission. The outcome of the interview will determine a candidate’s successful admission into the programme.

Academic Requirements 

Diploma in Pharmacy from ICAN College with a CGPA 3.5 and above

Minimum 1 year of study

Pass SPM with minimum 5B in Biology and Chemistry and Physic and Math (or Additional Math) and other one subject at School Certificate level or equivalent

Other Academic qualification
Case-by-case basis
Semester I
  • General Chemistry for Pharmacy
  • Introductory Physiology
  • Microbiology for Pharmacy
  • Basic Pharmacology and Immunopharmacology
  • Professional Skills I (MPU – U2)
  • Extra-curricular Learning Experience 1 (MPU – U4)
Semester II
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Basic Medicinal Chemistry
  • Biostatistics and Research Methods
  • Professional Skills II
  • Nervous System & Pharmacotherapy I
  • Malaysian Studies (for international students only) (MPU – UI)
  • Hubungan Etnik (for Malaysian students only) (MPU—U1 subjects)
Semester I
  • Cardiovascular System, Blood & Pharmacotherapy
  • Physicochemical Properties of Drugs and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Biochemistry for Pharmacy
  • Antimicrobial Therapy I
  • Pulmonary, Renal & Pharmacotherapy
  • Extracurricular Learning Experience
Semester II
  • Antimicrobial Therapy II
  • Endocrine System & Pharmacotherapy
  • Extemporaneous Preparation in Pharmacy
  • Gastrointestinal System & Pharmacotherapy
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Marketing for Pharmacy
  • TITAS (for Malaysian students only) (MPU – UI)
  • Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 3 (for international students only) (MPU – UI)
Semester I
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis I
  • Dosage Form Design I
  • Basic Pharmacokinetics
  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Nervous System & Pharmacotherapy II
  • Introductory Clinical Pharmacy
  • Extracurricular Learning Experience (MPU – UI)
Semester II
  • Clinical Pharmacokinetics
  • Non-prescription Drugs
  • Dosage Form Design II
  • Biotechnology & Pharmacogenomics
  • Pharmacy Law and Ethics
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis II
Semester I
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Pharmacotherapy I
  • Undergraduate Research Project
  • Cancer Chemotherapy
  • Hospital Pharmacy Practice
  • Geriatric Pharmacy
  • Advanced Drug Delivery
  • Religions in Malaysia (MPU – U3)
Semester II
  • Pharmacotherapy II
  • Clinical Clerkship
  • Industrial Clerkship
  • Pharmacoeconomics
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Industrial Management
  • Drugs of Abuse and Society

Year 1: RM 29 880.00

Year 2: RM 29 880.00

Year 3: RM 28 080.00

Year 4: RM 27 830.00

Total: RM 115 670.00


Graduates will be employed in the following areas:

  • Research and development of products and processes
  • Supervision of food manufacturing processes
  • Food engineering support
  • Marketing and sales
  • Product support and promotion
  • Consulting laboratories
  • Government organisations

They may be employed as:

  • Food scientists
  • Food microbiologists
  • Flavour chemists
  • Food safety inspectors
  • Community and university educators
  • Scientific writers
  • Researchers

International Students

ICAN College welcomes International Student applications from various countries given that their qualifications are equivalent to the Malaysian standard of Qualifications.

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