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PTPTN is the authority responsible for giving study loans to students pursuing studies at local institutions of higher education. This agency is under Ministry of Education.

i) Eligibility

Applicant must:

  • Hold a Malaysian citizenship;
  • Not more than 45 years on the date of application;
  • Enrolled in a Private Tertiary Education Institution (IPTS) that offers a full-time degree or diploma course that is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA);
  • Meet the entry requirements set by the MOHE & MQA;
  • Balance of study upon application must not be less than one year;
  • No other sponsor; and
  • Has opened a SSPN-i account ( Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional).

ii) PTPTN Repayment Exemption

  • Candidates are required to obtain a bachelor’s degree with first class honours.
  • Candidates have attained a full-time course.
  • Candidates have completed their studies within the designated time-frame as stated in PTPTN’s agreement letter.
  • Candidates have completed their studies in the designated course as stated in PTPTN’s agreement letter.
  • The course attend is accredited by Malaysia Qualifications Agency.
  • Candidates must submit the complete application within twelve months from the date of the convocation.

ICAN Dermasiswa

Open to Malaysian students who come from rural area of Malaysia, low income family, single parent family with low income background, OKU and other similar difficult situations for diploma studies at ICAN College.