This Degree is awarded by the TOP QS World Ranked Private University in Malaysia.

The pathway into the Degree is a result of Memorandum of Agreement signed on 19th June 2020 between ICAN College and the UCSI University.

The Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) is a 4-years (8 semesters) full-time programme. The programme focuses on basic sciences, theoretical and clinical courses, as well as courses in social sciences and humanities to support nursing theories. Competency-based learning is facilitated through guided inquiry, reflection and critical thinking in relation to nursing theories and evidence-based practices to provide safe, quality and client-centred care.

Upon successful completion of the programme, students are eligible to sit for the Malaysian Nursing Board Examination to be licensed to practise as a Registered Nurse.

The programme has full accreditation status from Malaysian Qualification Agency. The degree is recognised by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) and is accepted by Nursing Boards of many countries.

Malaysia Nursing Board

Public Service Department

Either one (1) of the following below:

  • Any Diploma from ICAN College with minimum CGPA 2.5 (No credit transfer). Equivalent MQF Level 4.
  • Diploma in Nursing from ICAN College with minimum two (2) years clinical working experience (Credit Transfer allowed)


All candidates who possess a pass in any Diploma from ICAN College except Diploma in Nursing MUST possess:

Either one (1) of the credit below:

Science/ Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Applied Science at SPM or its equivalent.


Credit in Mathematics (Elementary or Additional or Modern) at SPM or its equivalent.


MUET with minimum of Band 3 / IELTS with a minimum of 5.5 / TOEFL with a minimum score of 515/215/80/Credit in English SPM.

Important Note

  • ALL Malaysian students must have credits in Bahasa Melayu at SPM level for admission into Nursing Programmes and Pass MUET with minimum of Band 3.
  • ALL International students must have English requirements: IELTS Band 5.5; OR TOEFL 550 (Written-based), 215 (Computer-based), 80 (internet-based).

Year 1 (Semester 1)
  • Anatomy & Physiology I
  • Biochemistry and Physics
  • Nursing Fundamentals
  • Professional Nursing
  • Microbiology
  • Communication
  • University Life (MPU-U2)

Year 1 (Semester 2)

  • Anatomy and Physiology II
  • Primary Health Care
  • Health Assessment
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Law and Ethics
Year 2 (Semester 3)
  • Pharmacology
  • Clinical Nursing Therapeutics
  • Nursing Care of Mother and Child
  • Nursing Care of Individuals with Cardiovascular and Respiratory Disorders
  • Nursing Care of Individuals with Haematological and Immunological Disorders

Year 2 (Semester 4)

  • Nursing Care of Individuals with Musculoskeletal and Endocrine Disorders
  • Nursing Care of Individuals with CNS and Special Senses Disorders
  • Nursing Care of Individuals with Renal, Urological and Gastro-Intestinal Disorders
  • Nursing Care of Individuals with Dermatological and Oncological Disorders
  • Gerontological Nursing
  • Experintial Tourism/ Malaysian Ethnic Food (MPU-U3)
  • Extra-curriculum Learning Experience 1 (MPU-U4)
Year 3 (Semester 5)
  • Family / Community Health
  • Paediatric Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Extra-curriculum Learning Experience 2 (MPU-U4)

Year 3 (Semester 6)

  • Nursing Models and Theories
  • Nursing Research
  • Professional Nursing Issues
  • Management in Nursing
  • Statistics
  • Extra-curriculum Learning Experience 3 (MPU-U4)
Year 4 (Semester 7)
  • Evidence-Based Nursing
  • Clinical Nursing Specialty
  • Disorders of Body Systems

Year 4 (Semester 8)

  • Nursing Project 1
  • Nursing Project 2
  • Research Project
  • Internship

Year 1: RM 18 950.00

Year 2: RM 19 100.00

Year 3: RM 16 850.00

Year 4: RM 15 950.00

Total: RM 70 850.00


This programme provides an excellent foundation for graduates to practice in healthcare or health-related organisations. It is a virtual passport to work anywhere in the world as there is a worldwide demand for nurses with strong educational and clinical expertise. The Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) degree will also enable graduates to access further academic studies at the master’s and doctoral levels in clinical specialties, education, management and research, which will also open doors to various types of career opportunities for graduates. The career path for nurses is limitless. Examples of career roles include advanced practice nurses, nurse researchers, nurse risk managers, quality improvement nurses, nurse informaticists, consultants and entrepreneur.

International Students

ICAN College welcomes International Student applications from various countries given that their qualifications are equivalent to the Malaysian standard of Qualifications.

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