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Medical Laboratory Technology is a program under allied health sciences that specializes in broad areas of science such as microbiology, chemical pathology, hematology etc.
The medical laboratory technician plays a critical role in assisting physicians and other healthcare practitioners for disease diagnosis, lab instrument surveillance and quality assurance in laboratory settings.
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Program Description

A Taste of What You will Experience Studying at ICAN

A 3 year full-time Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology program is where a student will learn the fundamentals of becoming a fully capable and professional medical laboratory technologist. ICAN offers extensive hands-on lab practice and practical training in various laboratory divisions such as Hematology, Medical Microbiology and Histopathology.

Students will learn how to handle biomedical equipment and manual method to perform laboratory testing on blood and other body fluids. Students will learn how to generate laboratory data needed to aid in the detection of diseases, infections and drug abuse. In addition, they will learn to set up equipment and keep track of stock and supplies in laboratories. Students will also be trained to work as a team with other healthcare providers.

Year 1, 2 & 3


Lectures, Tutorials & Demonstrations

Hospital Attachments

Student will be exposed to actual working environment

Effective Student Lecturer Ratio

High-quality one-on-one teaching


Graduates of Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology from ICAN College will have excellent career prospects in:

  • Government/private hospitals and clinics
  • Diagnostic and pathological laboratories
  • Educational institutions (instructor/tutor)
  • Clinical and medical research
    organizations (researcher)
  • Medical equipment and device
  • Sales & marketing (product
    specialist/sales representative)
  • Quality assurance officer in laboratories
  • Health and safety consultancies
  • Laboratory information centers
  • Transplant and blood donor centers
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Fertility clinics
  • Stem cells banks
  • Insurance (medical underwriter/claims)
  • Pharmaceutical companies


Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology from ICAN College allows you a pathway to further your studies into domestic and international universities.

The Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology offers opportunities for graduands to further their studies in:

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Technology
  • B.Sc. Clinical Laboratory Technology
  • B.Sc. X-Ray Technology
  • B.Sc. ECG and Cardiovascular Technology


  • Scholarships and Incentive programs*
  • PTPTN / Ukhwah & Loans available*
  • Financial assistance from selected banks*
  • Financial Counselling and Advisory Services.

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