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International Business & Economics overview

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ICAN supports and creates opportunities for students to explore their full potential by developing intrapersonal and interpersonal skills as part of their journey in preparing them for the workplace.

Unique learning envoiroment

Industry Specific Employability

Our business programs are designed with our graduates’ employability in mind. Employability skills enable our graduates to work as a team, make critical decisions, solve problems, adapt, develop respect and embrace diversity.

ICAN College Business
ICAN College
ICAN College Business
ICAN College

Professional Learning Environment

ICAN’s courses/programs engrains skills desired by employers, with extra-curricular activities and internships as a bonus to our course offerings. Communication skills with an emphasis of English proficiency is a key component to our courses as well as employer demand. Our well rounded education grooms the ‘diamonds in the rough’ school leavers into precious shining gems; putting them in good stead for the job market in a rapidly changing global environment.

ICAN continues to support and create opportunities for students to explore their full potential. We develop each student’s interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as part of their journey to prepare them for the workplace.

ICAN College

ICAN College has given me the opportunity to learn and equip myself with real working world skills


International Study Experience

We believe education is a lifelong journey, and in ensuring that students have the opportunity to continue their education, we provide academic pathways to both local and foreign universities. 


Bachelor of Business (major in) (Yr. 2 Entry):
• Management
• Marketing
• Entrepreneurship & Innovation
• Human Resource Management
• Logistics and Supply Chain Management,

BA-ACC Bachelor of Accounting (Yr. 2 Entry)